Ryan Holmes
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Free Time
PC Gaming - Some favorites are Batman: Arkham Asylum, Lego Batman and Lego Star Wars, many adventure and strategy games.
Reading - I have far more books than I have time to read. Fantasy, programming, and computer graphics are usually toward the head of the list.
Ballroom dancing - My wife and I have taken several different sets of lessons and we have fun, although we don't get enough practice to really call ourselves good at it.
Jigsaw puzzles - Jigsaws are a complex form of meditation. We hide the box so we have to discover the picture as we go.
Crossword puzzles - We do the on-line timed ones most often, but off-line ones on airplanes.
I have so far been to six countries other than my own: Canada, India, France, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. I would probably pick Switzerland as the favorite so far, but that's only because I'm not sure I could last through Swedish winters.
I've visited 16 of the states, including both brief business trips and longer vacations.
I like collecting things. If I have more than two or three things from a set, I tend to want the rest of the set. To minimize this effect I try to only get things that fit into existing sets and to very narrowly define my sets. This has had varying degrees of success.